Course Updates

As we prepare for overseed, we have been busy doing some projects that might not be the “most visible”, but crucial to the health and well being of the golf course during this transition.

We are about halfway through our rough aeration. This is the second time we are working on this this summer, mainly because it hasn’t been done in a few years and because we were very encouraged by the growth and grass coverage we have seen since the first go-around. As we talked a bit about in previous posts, this allows air and nutrients to get deeper in the soil and root structure of the Bermuda grass. Bermuda gross “outwards” or horizontally. So, if you make soften the soil, strengthen the root and growing process and allow some time, it will spread quickly. Just in time for it to go dormant!

We also did a second aerification of the greens, but don’t fret, they were solid “tines” and only about a 1/4″ in diameter. (About the size of a nail) With out pulling any earth out of the ground, the holes close quickly and the process just allows for more nutrients, water and air to get to the roots, allowing for healthier greens.

For those who have noticed, in full disclosure, we had an error in one of our mowers calibrators and cut 2 greens a bit lower than we meant to. We caught the error early, but we may have “lucked out” a little as the green had two types of Bermuda grass. We stressed the strand that wasn’t as “good” and are seeing the “better strand” taking over. These greens may be a bit faster than the rest, but we assure you, we know about them and they will be fine in another few days.

All in all, we are loving the course conditions, and we hope you do too! We will continue to improve heading into overseed.

From all of us here, p;ease have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! We have some cool specials if you are looking to get out and swing the sticks without taking a large portion of your day!

New Instructor!

Springfield Golf Resort is proud to have Char Carson, LPGA Teaching Professional, joining the team!

Both of the new owners have known Char for years and were eager to have her skills and energy at the facility in any capacity they could.  When we found out she was willing to be at the facility full-time, we were ecstatic!
Char is one of thee best teachers in the valley and we are lucky to have her. Although she specializes in juniors and women, she can teach anyone how to get better and enjoy the game. To say her enthusiasm is contagious is an understatement, she LOVES this game and LOVES when her students get better and enjoy it as well.

She is also starting her quest to play in the Women’s Senior US Open! We will be blogging about what it takes to accomplish this goal, from diet, to practice and exercise and everything in between. So keep an eye out. Char is open to having a few select students practice with her and go through the schedule, so plan on seeing some invitations if you would consider it!


For more info on Char and her outstanding resume: Click Here

Thank You Residents and Chandler Community

We just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone that has played or visited the club in the past 2 months. It has been just about that long since we (new owners) have taken over and we are supremely grateful to everyone for their words of encouragement, support and patience as we bring in some new systems and procedures. We know change isn’t always something people like to go through, but we are thankful for your understanding during some of the transition and we hope the new changes only help the club grow and be more accessible to more people. We truly want to be a warm, welcoming facility to people of all skills and walks of life, building community through a game we all love! Mother nature finally cooperated, with a heavy, steady rain this past week. The grass is growing, almost faster than we can mow it! Bunkers have been tilled and are being tilled very few days, so if you were used to putting out of them, it may be time to invest in a sand wedge! (We can also help with that…!!)

In all seriousness though, we are very excited about the support, kind words and motivation from everyone and we look forward to bigger and better things down the road.

From both us, we say, thank you!

PGA Championship Event

Springfield hosted its first golf tournament under the new ownership. The format was a 2-person scramble, combined with the score from a randomly selected touring professional in the third round of the 2018 PGA Championship. Much like the actual PGA Championship, this event was an exciting and fun-filled day!

There was a good mix of residents, members and local players, with a pairing of one member and his guest winning, with the help of a great Saturday round from ASU’s John Rahm and his -4.

The event raised money for the Boys & Girls Club, which has a fundraising event in September! An event that is sure to be a huge success, as one of our owners is helping with the committee. For more information, CLICK HERE!

As for our event, we had closest to the pin contests, long drive for both men & women, a closest to the pin in 2 shots and a longest putt made. Everyone had a great time as we followed up the golf with a BBQ lunch in the Eagle’s Nest as we sorted out the leaderboard and handed out prizes. Some adult beverages were consumed and laughs echoed throughout the facility.

Our next event, held on September 22nd, will be a Junior/Parent event. Encouraging kids to have fun in a “relaxed competition” of 9 holes of golf, followed by food and fun! (Do you see a theme here, F-U-N!) Hosted by new Director of Instruction, Char Carson, you can find more information about the event on our Tournament & Events page and more about Char on our Lessons page!

Thank you to all the folks that came out to the facility lately, we hope you are noticing some of the work being done! I know we have been hearing from quite a few of you and we really do appreciate the words of encouragement and compliments!

Stay tuned for details on our next event…
Superintendent’s Revenge, with some tricky pins and super fast greens! (Not for the faint at heart) (It’s not really that scary)


Fairway Aerification


We just finished aerifying the fairways and “problem areas” around collars and green complexes. These areas may be stressed or maybe the irrigation isn’t hitting the entire area. Regardless, aerifying is the process of “poking” holes in the earth to allow air/oxygen and water to get deeper into the roots and allow for better, stronger grass which in turn, promotes better growth and ultimately, coverage. We gave Mother Nature a bit of a boost with some light fertilizer, to help promote the growth rate!

Full disclosure, the facility hasn’t done this process in a few years, which actually says a lot about how good our superintendent, Josh, is. His ability to get the course in such great condition, without this key practice is outstanding. We were sad to hear the process was skipped for so many years, but happy to get the equipment and time to accomplish this necessity over the last week. Yes, it can cause a little bit of wear on the fairways and they make take a few days to repair themselves fully, but it is a small price to pay for healthy fairways going into overseed and the upcoming winter season. We assure you, although they may not be “Augusta pretty” they are certainly very playable. If anything, enjoy the “softer” ground as your irons breeze through the aerified earth!

We are very excited to see what improvements we can can add to this already fantastic course over the coming weeks, months and years.

Please be patient as we prioritize needs and wants, with staffing and other facility operations.

Aerifying Fairway video