Great first season!

As the spring starts to heat up, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you to all the players, residents, parents, employees, staff and visitors of Springfield for their support and kind words of encouragement over the past few months!

Our reviews have been outstanding, the great things you all have said to our owners and staff have been so supportive! Obviously we still have things to work on and we will continue to work on all aspects of our operation. But the reassurance that what we have been doing so far, has been noticed and appreciated is very rewarding to the entire team, so THANK YOU!

We are beginning our transition from winter Rye to summer Bermuda, so you will see some extra water, some small aerification holes and a few sections of the facility with a little added attention over the next month or so. We look forward to a smooth, successful transition as Josh and his team are doing some great work! If you see them out there, don’t be afraid to give them a “thumbs up” or an “atta boy”, they love the encouragement and everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done!

For those of you traveling home to cooler climates, travel safe and thank you for making our first season a fun and successful one!