Course Updates

As we prepare for overseed, we have been busy doing some projects that might not be the “most visible”, but crucial to the health and well being of the golf course during this transition.

We are about halfway through our rough aeration. This is the second time we are working on this this summer, mainly because it hasn’t been done in a few years and because we were very encouraged by the growth and grass coverage we have seen since the first go-around. As we talked a bit about in previous posts, this allows air and nutrients to get deeper in the soil and root structure of the Bermuda grass. Bermuda gross “outwards” or horizontally. So, if you make soften the soil, strengthen the root and growing process and allow some time, it will spread quickly. Just in time for it to go dormant!

We also did a second aerification of the greens, but don’t fret, they were solid “tines” and only about a 1/4″ in diameter. (About the size of a nail) With out pulling any earth out of the ground, the holes close quickly and the process just allows for more nutrients, water and air to get to the roots, allowing for healthier greens.

For those who have noticed, in full disclosure, we had an error in one of our mowers calibrators and cut 2 greens a bit lower than we meant to. We caught the error early, but we may have “lucked out” a little as the green had two types of Bermuda grass. We stressed the strand that wasn’t as “good” and are seeing the “better strand” taking over. These greens may be a bit faster than the rest, but we assure you, we know about them and they will be fine in another few days.

All in all, we are loving the course conditions, and we hope you do too! We will continue to improve heading into overseed.

From all of us here, p;ease have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! We have some cool specials if you are looking to get out and swing the sticks without taking a large portion of your day!

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