Fairway Aerification


We just finished aerifying the fairways and “problem areas” around collars and green complexes. These areas may be stressed or maybe the irrigation isn’t hitting the entire area. Regardless, aerifying is the process of “poking” holes in the earth to allow air/oxygen and water to get deeper into the roots and allow for better, stronger grass which in turn, promotes better growth and ultimately, coverage. We gave Mother Nature a bit of a boost with some light fertilizer, to help promote the growth rate!

Full disclosure, the facility hasn’t done this process in a few years, which actually says a lot about how good our superintendent, Josh, is. His ability to get the course in such great condition, without this key practice is outstanding. We were sad to hear the process was skipped for so many years, but happy to get the equipment and time to accomplish this necessity over the last week. Yes, it can cause a little bit of wear on the fairways and they make take a few days to repair themselves fully, but it is a small price to pay for healthy fairways going into overseed and the upcoming winter season. We assure you, although they may not be “Augusta pretty” they are certainly very playable. If anything, enjoy the “softer” ground as your irons breeze through the aerified earth!

We are very excited to see what improvements we can can add to this already fantastic course over the coming weeks, months and years.

Please be patient as we prioritize needs and wants, with staffing and other facility operations.

Aerifying Fairway video

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