Most beautiful May ever?

Wow, what an AMAZING May it has been. I have lived here nearly 12 years and I do not remember such an awesome string of temperatures. It has been nothing short of remarkable. The mornings have had a nice crisp feel, most folks choosing to wear a jacket before 9am, IN MAY?? Feels more like February.

Now, I don’t want to sound the least bit negative, it has been incredible…

But it’s not ALL roses…this temperature isn’t great for the Bermuda grass trying to wake up from it’s winter slumber! (Think bears waking up, going outside their caves and seeing more snow??? Back to bed they go). It is not the end of the world, but it does make for a lot more work for the grounds crew…Josh and his team are working diligently to make sure the Rye that is hanging around stays healthy, while still promoting as much Bermuda growth as possible. It’s a big balancing act, but they are doing a great job so far.

But if you see some areas that look like they “aren’t being watered” just know, the Bermuda just hasn’t gotten strong enough to cover some areas yet. It will, it just takes more time than usual when we have temperatures in the 40’s & 50’s in the evenings. (You know how slow you are when you leave the windows open at night and it hits 50 degrees, in the house, when you wake up? ) That’s how the Bermuda feels…

That said, the course is still in great shape and we are spreading fertilize every other week to promote the growth, but we wouldn’t mind seeing some warmer temps in the near future!

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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