New Instructor!

Springfield Golf Resort is proud to have Char Carson, LPGA Teaching Professional, joining the team!

Both of the new owners have known Char for years and were eager to have her skills and energy at the facility in any capacity they could.  When we found out she was willing to be at the facility full-time, we were ecstatic!
Char is one of thee best teachers in the valley and we are lucky to have her. Although she specializes in juniors and women, she can teach anyone how to get better and enjoy the game. To say her enthusiasm is contagious is an understatement, she LOVES this game and LOVES when her students get better and enjoy it as well.

She is also starting her quest to play in the Women’s Senior US Open! We will be blogging about what it takes to accomplish this goal, from diet, to practice and exercise and everything in between. So keep an eye out. Char is open to having a few select students practice with her and go through the schedule, so plan on seeing some invitations if you would consider it!


For more info on Char and her outstanding resume: Click Here

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